Our company

Since its establishment in Cyprus back in 2003, NKA Engineering Cyprus Ltd. became one of the specialized companies in the field of supplying engineering and construction equipment, heavy machinery and earth-moving vehicles as well as power generating systems.
Our Company was keen on entering the Iraqi market forcefully and competing with different companies, in executing large scale projects professionally and efficiently.
NKA was successful in becoming one of the first companies to cooperate with the Iraqi Oil Ministry companies.
In 2012, and due to business expansion and development, NKA Engineering successfully cooperated with companies specialized in the field of Oil and Gas industries. This cooperation led to establishing the (EPC) department, that supports our projects and executes future integrated projects.
As a result, the Company increased its share capital to amount to one million three hundred and fifty thousand (1,350,000) EURO. The Company dedicated this capital increase to financing all the activities and commitments related to Oil and Gas projects.
According to these new expansions the Company entered into the fields of:

    • CREDLE BORING System for construction of Oil & Gas Pipelines, electrical cables under roads, canals, rivers and railways up to 200 meters.
    • HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling System) technology used up to several kilometres.
    • Water treatment system and firefighting system.
    • Design and implementation of the mobile horizontal three-phase (oil-water-gas) separators for testing and fixed type for production.
    • Launcher & Receiver trap for Oil & Gas pipelines maintenance.
    • Supply and construction of Storage Tanks for Oil and Gas. The Company is supported and trusted by the banks in the Republic of Cyprus.

NKA assures the highest technical specifications supplied in its products (according to ASME, API, ASTM) with competitive prices, on-time delivery, installation and training for the engineering staff services.
We also provide genuine spare parts from the original manufacturer to guarantee our customer’s satisfaction and to achieve our goal to be: “Partner to Success”.
NKA has successfully introduced & marketed products of leading European and American companies in particular. We are working with them to provide the best and unique service to our clients.
NKA offers its experience in design, marketing, supplying and supporting under our customers disposable, to achieve their project goals and gain their trust. We aim to build strong customer relations, to be your power partners to success.