earth moving machinery
Earth Moving Machinery

NKA, and in cooperation with international manufacturers, offers a range of heavy and specialized machinery that serves the building and construction, drilling, heavy loads handling and services. Our products fall into four main segments: Drilling Machinery, Crane, Forklift and Handling machines, and Services Trucks. 

oil and gas
Oil & Gas

Today, NKA stands as one of the specialized companies in the field of supplying oil and gas corporations with equipment and machines, ranging from oil field equipment, storage tanks, pipeline and pipeline equipment, as well as Valves and fittings. We offer products to our clients operating in the upstream, mid-and-low stream sectors, in cooperation with world-leading manufacturers from the United States and Europe. 
Along with high-quality products, we offer technical support services and design consultancy to meet up with our clients…


Due to the scarcity of water resources, an issue that the world is facing since the last century, the need to adopt new irrigation technologies became a necessity to overcome this challenge.  From the first moment, we realized this challenge and moved forward to find the best solution that can be utilized in many scales and levels, and that was the centre pivot irrigation system.

We offer centre-pivot irrigation systems that are designed and developed to irrigate large-scale corp fields, in a very efficient and effective way and…