Due to the scarcity of water resources, an issue that the world is facing since the last century, the need to adopt new irrigation technologies became a necessity to overcome this challenge.  From the first moment, we realized this challenge and moved forward to find the best solution that can be utilized in many scales and levels, and that was the centre pivot irrigation system.

We offer centre-pivot irrigation systems that are designed and developed to irrigate large-scale corp fields, in a very efficient and effective way and using every drop of water for this purpose. 

The System is long-lasting, helps to save water and reduces operating costs and wages considerably over a long period. It has high reliability and is a sure way to obtain high benefits from the field. 
Our range of models includes:

Diameter pipe Integrated area Spam overlength Available overhang Min/max Height overground Tires
12.73 cm
Up to 35 ha 59.3 m 6.37 m · 13.13 m
18.36 m · 25.13
2.87 - 4.11 m 14.9 x 24 high flotation
6 5/8”
16.8 cm
Up to 85 ha 61.3 m 6.7 m · 13.4 m
20.10 m · 26.8 m
2.20 - 4.22 m 14.9 x 24 High flotation
16.9 x 24 Super High flotation
20.3 cm
Up to 150 ha 54.91 m 6.7 m · 13.4 m
20.10 · 26.8 m
2.87 - 4.52 m 14.9 x 24 High flotation
16.9 x 24 Super High flotation

Our Company steadily invests in a global policy that looks for quality assurance, customer service and technological development as our primary goal.